Genetic Disorders in the Fetus from Diagnosis to Treatment

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Tayebeh Rabaninia Nooshin Amjadi


Background: Today there are many diseases that genetics contributes to these, including diabetes, hypertension, cancer, heart disease, various types of cancers and even mental illness, and by the advancement of medical knowledge The number of genetic diseases is increasing now. most people think about genetic diseases as inherited diseases, which are mostly caused by gene mutations and other genetically inherited factors. Most of the genetic disorders currently do not have 100% treatment, and the only way is to preventing the prevalence of them before marriage.

Methods: Eligible articles were identified by search of databases including NCBI, PubMed, ISI Web of Knowledge and Google scholar up to July 2017.

Results: In the field of prevention of disability and genetic disorders, many members who are at risk of genetic disease should have genetic counseling to get useful information about it. Without genetic counseling, genetic testing is meaningless, as people do not go to the laboratory without a doctor's visit; Genetic counselors won’t be able to stop people from getting married, but they provide solutions to prevent them from possible disorders.

Conclusions: This study provides information on genetic diseases and prevents them in newborns and suggests new solutions for the treatment of these diseases.

Keywords: Gnetic, Pre-implantation Dagnosis, Genetic counseling, Congenital

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