Prevalence of Fetomaternal Indications of Therapeutic Abortions in Yazd Province

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Sahel Khajehnoori Razieh Sadat Tabatabaee Mahmood Noori-Shadkam Mohammad Hossein Lookzadeh Mahdieh Mojibian Mehdi Mirjalili Nooshin Amjadi Sina Ghasemifar Mahta Mazaheri


Background: Therapeutic abortion is defined as intentional termination of pregnancy in order to save the mother’s life and health or when the fetus has an abnormality incompatible with normal life.The aim of this study was to evaluate causes of issuance of therapeutic abortion in women referred to the Yazd province Legal Medicine Organization to terminate the pregnancy.

Methods: In this cross sectional study, all the applications for therapeutic abortions from March 2014 to March 2016 approved by the legal medicine organization of Yazd province were included and recorded. The data was analyzed by SPSS software.

Results: From 333 permissions for abortion during three years ,299 cases (89.8%) were issued for the reason of fetal indications and 34 cases (10.2%) for maternalindications. The most prevalent fetal abnormalities indicated for abortion were central nervous system disorders (especially Anencephaly and Spina Bifida); Hydrops Fetalis and Down syndrome, respectively and the most frequent maternal disorders were cardiovascular diseases.

Conclusion: The current study shows that therapeutic abortions due to fetal abnormalities are increasing. it seems that educating health professionals and people and increasing their awareness about preventing fetal abnormalities and also contraception in women with maternal diseases indicated for abortion could be an effective way to reduce the rate of abortion.

Key words: Therapeutic abortion, Legal medicine organization, Fetal abnormalities, Maternal disorders

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