Investigating the Relationship between Resiliency and Psychological Well-Being of Nurses in ICU & NICU of University Hospitals of Shiraz in 2012

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Esmat Sadeghifar Mehrdad Salari Frahnaz Farnia Samaneh Mirzaei Khadijeh Nasiriani


Background: Human resources, especially nurses, have a significant role in health care services due to the nature of their service and their direct relationships with patients. In this regard, nurses are encountered with higher stressful factors resulting from their responsibilities in providing ease and comfort for patients. Resiliency is one of the main purposes of health promotion and is considered to be a protective agent. Moreover, psychological well-being refers to striving for perfection in order to realize the potential and real individual talents and abilities. This study aims to determine the relationship between resiliency and psychological well-being of nurses in ICU & NICU of Shiraz in 2017.

Methods: This is a descriptive-correlational research. The statistical society consists of 150 nurses working in ICU & NICU of university hospitals in Shiraz. The tools of data collection were psychological well-being and resiliency questionnaires. The collected data were analyzed via SPSS software and descriptive-inferential statistics.

Results: According to the Table, 86% of the subjects are females, and 14% are males; 53.4% of them are single, and 44.6% of them are married; 84% of them have bachelor degree, and 16% of them have master degree. Average age and work experience of the subjects are 31.38 and 4.79 years, respectively. Average resiliency and psychological well-being scores of the nurses are estimated to be 66.03 ± 16.72 and 119.55 ± 24.35, respectively. Their significant relationship was approved by Pearson test P = 0.002).

Conclusions: The results indicated that resiliency and psychological well-being of the nurses have significant relationship; with an increase in resiliency, their psychological and mental health increases. Therefore, some programs and interventions are recommended for nurses in order to improve their resiliency, and consequently, promote their psychological well-being.

Keywords: Resiliency, Psychological well-being, Nurse

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