Publication Ethics

  • Due to the feasibility of replication of the work for others, each paper should include adequate details and references.
  • In the case of applying perilous chemicals, procedures or equipments with unusual effects, the related information must be identified by the author.
  • It’s necessary to mention related ethical regards inside the “Material and Methods” part.
  • The author should affirm the perfect consideration of laws and institutional guidelines through the work, if subjects are animals or humans and the relevant institutional committee must approve them.
  • The principles predetermined in the “Declarotion of Helsioki” must be tracked by those researchers who don’t have formal ethics review committee.
  • The composed consent of adult human subjects or legal guardians of minors should be obtained from the research participants. Also the author should locate a statement in the inscription to remark this important issue.
  • The necessity of the privacy rights of participants should be observed.
  • The authors should provide credentials of the official review and recommendation form the responsible institutional review board or ethics committee for delivering them to editors, if they request.
  • The citation or quotation should be applied correctly in the case of using others’ works or words, although the original composition will be more appreciated.
  • It is the authors duty to troubleshoot his/her own published work by declaring journal editor and collaborating with them and publisher. If a substantial error is reported to the editor or the publisher by the third party, the author will be responsible to retract or correct the paper as soon as possible.

This Journal closely observes COPE measures and regulations for all its publications.